Monteriggioni “di torri si corona” (a ring of towers)
As Dante wrote in the Divine Comedy

Monteriggioni is situated on a hill, surrounded high city walls. Unlike any other site you have seen, the town is truly unique.

Monteriggioni, thanks to its beauty and countryside, has become synonymous with Tuscany, making it the natural backdrop for films and commercials. It is very popular with tourists, reaching up to 70,000 tourists every year.

Inside the city walls and its towers is a small village. It is set inside two medieval doorways.

Today you can only see 11 of the 15 original towers because 4 are now level with the walls.

The hill where the castle was erected is natural: the almost perfect circular layout of the walls was made simply by following the design of the curvatures at ground level.

At one time the towers were far taller than they are now. They were such an amazing sight that Dante in the Divine Comedy (Hell, Canto XXXI) used them to make an analogy to define the appearance of Nembrotto, Fialte and Anteogiants which were great fissures in the chasm of Malebolge.